Web page are selling French fake and registered passports.

Forged French, Spanish, Irish and other European passports are selling openly on web for as little as Euro 500-700 while ‘European Passports VIP with citizenship’ have a price tag between 900 Euro (1000 USD approx) and 1400 Euro (1600 USD approx). لعبة بلاك جاك اون لاين مجانا

A Daily Mail report claimed that one page on the web has been used to trade French passports. It was also revealed that passports cloned with details taken from real passports were available for a few hundred pounds. The report also revealed fake French passports are smuggled into Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, India and other countries to be sold by reseller.

They reported an asian reseller’s page features of registered French passports for sale from 2500 Euro to 3200 Euro. The page claims that 10 out of ten customers are able to successfully make it through the border control. Convincing buyers, the seller has openly offered on social networks a genuine French passport for 3200 Euro, another at 1800 Euro that looked ‘100 percent quality with real holder’s data on it’ and a third ‘Fake document for 1100 Euro. He goes on to add that an ordinary person will fail to tell the difference and passport control may not recognise the fakes. “So you have the choice of paying more for an original passport or paying less and taking a fake passport,” the asian reseller claimed. While another website page claiming to serve displaced refugees is selling passports illegally, the report added. بيتواي

Moreover, passports are being sold on the original seller website offering a French passport for 570 Euro in 2021. كيف تربح في الروليت

According to Daily Mail, some refugees in the EU use this website to obtain government-issued travel documents which would allow free movement across the continent and to the France with a visa.

The France passport application process is rigorous and that illegal immigration measures are continuously developed to keep ahead of the fake documents sellers who attempt to sell a France passport and other french documents.

We’re recommend to use European documents registered in database and documents duplicates(clones of original passport).

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